Shannon's Lumber Industry Update

Build Your Lumber Shopping List

Turn a Project from Good to GREAT

Every day I have woodworkers both amateur and professional walk into the yard looking for wood and not really sure what they need.  We have all been conditioned to order by the board foot and yet that only tells a small percentage of the story.  When building furniture you have VERY specific needs and to make that project great, you need to be prepared.  NOT with a parts list, but a lumber shopping list!

This 52 minute lesson walks through a sample furniture project, reverse engineering the parts list into a specific piece count lumber shopping list.  This list consider all the species, grains, and dimensions that will ensure you get all the lumber you need without overbuying.  More importantly you will be efficient in your trip to the lumber yard and avoid all the extra pieces that come from "lumberyard overwhelm" syndrome.

make a lumber shopping list